Analog and digital, crossover synthesizer condensed two different sound engine in a compact body. JD-Xi was equipped with the analog circuit and the INTEGRA-7 equivalent SuperNATURAL synth sound source, analog / digital crossover synthesizer. Further condensing a variety of functions such as pattern sequencer and vocoder into a compact body. Freely massive and analog-based and lead synth that can be controlled with knobs, pads, strings, the PCM synth sounds, such as brass packed. 37 mini-keyboard (velocity corresponding). Maximum polyphony number 129 sound (digital synth / drum kits: 128, analog synth: 1) digital synths maximum Polyphony 64 notes.

Product Features

  • Analog and digital, crossover synthesizer equipped with two sound engine. Heavy synth bass and synth lead sound by analog synth sound source.
  • Equivalent SuperNATURAL synth sounds and the JUPITER-80 and INTEGRA-7
  • Real-time / step / TR-REC, a variety of recording method corresponds to, pattern sequencer that allows you to create a feel free to phrase
  • Auto pitch, can play the electro-voice, such as vocoder (gooseneck microphone included). Effective four systems of effector (Effect 1, Effect 2, delay, reverb).
  • Convenient USB MIDI / AUDIO interface function for use in Mac / PC. From the download site Axial, to download and it can be added the tone and pattern.