Whether you’re looking for a cool way to play synth parts with your guitar, or just want an endless supply, the bottom line is that you want something more than what conventional guitar multi-effects can offers. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get from the Roland GR-55 guitar synth and effects processor. No joke. This baby isn’t just anther guitar synth, it’s the mother of all guitar synths, with a newly developed pitch-detection engine that’s faster than anything you’ve ever heard before. Now you can turn your axe into a synth slinging, effect blasting, tone loaded sledgehammer of sound!

Product Features

  • Combines PCM synthesis with COSM modelingLightning-fast tracking performance2 independent synth engines each with over 900 sounds including pianos, organs, strings, vintage and modern synths, percussion, and moreThird sound engine driven by COSM modeling can emulate electric and acoustic guitars, basses, other instruments, and amplifiersAll three sound engines can be combined with dry signalIndependent multi-effects processor adds a huge array of tone-shaping optionsReady-to-use presets and easy