Looking for a V-Drum crash that feels like… well… a REAL crash cymbal? Guess what – you found it! That’s right, the Roland CY-12C crash pad is the new standard in V-Drum crash cymbal triggering. We’re talking about totally realistic weight-balance, natural swing, and unbelievable dual-trigger-zone sensitivity. If you’ve got one of the latest V-Drum kits, then you already know what we mean; if you’ve got a slightly older TD-4 or TD-9 kit, then DUDE – you’re totally gonna love the upgrade! So, grab a Roland CY-12C crash pad or two (or three, ’cause, heck, you can never have too many cymbals, right?) and take your V-Drums to a whole new level of real!

Product Features

  • 12″ Playing Surface
  • Triggers from bow and edge
  • Choke control
  • Very rugged!