DEEJAYLED truss lighting DEEJAYLED lighting accessories, lighting truss, equipment 9.84 FT SQUARE TRUSS

Product Features

  • 3/4″ MDF SEALED ENCLOSURE: This are glued air tight, producing a strong, tight, rock-solid box. High quality black polyester carpet and audiophile-grade gold input terminals put the finishing touch on these boxes. For use with two 12″ woofers
  • GREAT CARPENTRY METHODS: Plan and combined with overseas manufacturing, permits to be the most excellent temperate arrangement for our budget-minded clients. This subwoofer enclosures are designed and built to be the most grounded on the market
  • EXTRAORDINARY POWER: Molded for basic carrying and setup. these speakers will pass on the sound you wish. Prominent quality are remarkably difficult to discover, particularly at an ordinary fetched. It has astounding bass with unimaginable sound
  • UNWAVERING QUALITY: With prevalent development, great highlights and everything you want for bass, you may be prepared to pass up that entry-level box you’ve been eyeballing. Premium control and ground wire gives ideal power transfer
  • EXTREME DEVELOPMENT: Arranged for perfect execution for utilize with blenders and control enhancers. The hard shell cabinet holds impacts that would turn lesser wood boxes into sawdust. Aluminum voice coil gives significant bass and acoustic power