The Remo 9″ Versa NSL Short Tubano is lightweight and makes pleasant sounds with a minimum of maintenance. Designed specifically for educational use, this drum features a weather-resistant Acousticon shell and a Not So Loud head. NSL stands for Not So Loud, and the head equipped on this drum is designed to produce good tones at a low volume level – excellent for a classroom or home setting. A Taper-Fit Drum Coupling between the head and the shell gives you great sound quality without having to tune anything. This drum is only 13.75″ tall, making it excellent for very young students or people sitting down. All Remo Versa NSL Drums have the ability to completely change their sound in seconds. You can change out the head on this drum in a few seconds using the included tool, and swap it out with a TF 10 High Pitch, TF 15 Medium Pitch, or TF 20 Low Pitch head of the same diameter! When you take the heads off, these tubanos stack inside each other to save you a ton of room. Versa NSL heads are also playable as frame drums all by themselves

Product Features

  • not so loud drumhead