Made in USA
26 String Lap Harp
Range of three and one half octaves, G to C below Middle C
Bridge pins and quality concert Rees levers on all strings, allowing access to all keys.
Weight: 4 1/2 lbs
Height: 33″
Includes Tuning Wrench
Includes MB-22020DP Instruction Book

FullsicleTM Harps are the top of the HarpsicleTM Harps line. There are bridge pins and sharping levers on all strings, allowing access to all keys.
Perhaps you have always wanted to play the harp? Maybe you have thought about dabbling with a harp but harps just seemed too expensive? HarpsicleTM Harps are the answer for you. HarpsicleTM Harps are well designed, sturdily built and have the correct string spacing which make them an excellent selection for a first time harper. Light and portable, they are also a wonderful choice for harp therapy practitioners and are recommended by many harp therapy programs. These simple harps have nice volume and tone. HarpsicleTM Harps are well made and maintain tuning as well as any professional harp.

Product Features

  • It is now offered in beautiful, elegant woods to swoon over
  • Fully levered with concert quality ReesLevers
  • Upgraded wound bass strings for a better feel and improved bass response
  • Solid cherry wood
  • Made in USA