Parents and teachers say that their little ones are obsessed with the sights and sounds of this kids musical instruments set.

Preschool teachers say that the rainmaker has become their new go-to toy for soothing crying toddlers.

Moozikpro crafted each instrument from rugged polymers that stand up to daily use. In fact, parents say they’re happy with how well these toddler music toys last with rough-playing kids.

As you check out the pictures notice how the 8-inch and 16-inch long rainmakers lets soothing rain sounds last longer; and how the seamless design and smooth, rounded corners keep little fingers safe from pinching.

Moozikpro made these rainsticks with BPA-free polymers that (unlike cheaper options) are safe for teething toddlers, and washable in warm water.

The static-free beads won’t stick to sides (or to each other) and they won’t clog holes. So your little one can twist the rainmaker toy for endless rain sounds.

Parents of ASD and autistic children say that their Moozikpro musical instruments set is great for Sensory Play, with an endless variety of sights and sounds to keep children engaged (at sound levels that keep parents happy).

And professionals say that the cause-and-effect sounds and sights of these toddler music toys are perfect for sensory therapy, and a great way to calm your child quickly.

But don’t take our word for it. Hand your little one the Moozikpro rainmakers set and watch with a smile as your child discovers a love of music while enjoying hours of musical fun.

Product Features

  • Static-Free Soothing Rainmaker: Preschool teachers say this is their new “go to” toy to soothing crying toddlers; the 8 and 16-inch length means that rain sounds play longer, and the static-free design means that (unlike cheaper options) beads won’t stick to sides or clog in the holes – so your little one can flip the rainstick for endless smiles while listening to the rain and watching the beads fall
  • Toddler Music Toys: Parents and teachers say that toddlers and kids are obsessed by the colors and the sounds of this music set; both rainmakers toys are perfectly sized rhythm instruments for little hands, making this set a great way to encourage your young musician
  • Ergonomic Rainmakers: Moozikpro designed these kids’ rainmakers for rugged daily use with rubber rings that makes it easier to grip and hold so it won’t slip out during use. Now your little one can enjoy hours of lively music (at sound levels that keep parents happy too)!
  • Toddler Sensory Toys: Parents of ASD, and autistic children say these sensory toys have the sight, sound, and touch that keeps their child engaged (especially when playing along with music), And professionals say the cause-and-effect sounds and sights are perfect for sensory therapy, and a great way to quickly calm children
  • Rugged BPA-Free Polymer: Unlike cheap options, these toddler music toys are built to last- In fact,parents say they’re happy with how well these toys stand up to the most aggressive use;Moozikpro instruments have tight seams and polished surfaces that keep skin safe from pinching, while the tough polymer is BPA-free, odor-free, and washable, making it safe for chewing toddlers -so hand your child this Rainmaker Toy, and then watch as your little one smiles, laughs and enjoys hours of musical fun