Have hours of entertainment with this safe plastic rainstick Rainbowmaker toy!
Your child will be fascinated making the peaceful sound of rain with this bright, colorful and unique twirly whirly Shaker toy.
The wide range of colors will capture the attention of kids as the colorful plastic balls tumble down the rod and create the gentle sound of a drizzle.
The Rainmaker rainfall rattle toy is just as fun indoors as it is outdoors.
Size: 11.8 x 2 inches.
The rainmaker twirly whirly tube toy comes in a craft box.

Product Features

  • A longer length rainmaker produces a longer sound! Original rainfall rattle for kids.This plastic rainmaker toy produces the gentle sound of a water cascade.
  • This twirly whirly Rainmaker toy is a great tool for developing a musical ear and ability. The rainstick rattle is a percussion music instrument for kids.
  • This large rainstick Rainbowmaker adds a pleasant rustling sound to any family band and makes the child feel like a real musician.
  • The child can experiment with the various sound that come from tilting and shaking the RainShaker. This kids rainstick is an attractive percussion instrument and a bright colorful toy at the same time.
  • This rainfall rattle tube shaker is for children over 4 years of age and adults.Magical see-through shaking rainmaker toy with dropping colorful waterfall beads