Bugle Solid Brass Mouth Piece Parade Good Qualilty with Cord Rope Tassel MI 047 Item No: MI 047 Length: 12 inches  Bell Diameter: 4 inches  Weight: approx: 500 Grams 3 Valves Shinning Brass Comes with Mouth Piece & Box Free Quality Product At Rock Bottom Price Description:- The bugle is one of the simplest brass instruments, having no valves or other pitch-altering devices. All pitch control is done by varying the player’s embouchure. Consequently, the bugle is limited to notes within the harmonic series. See bugle call for scores to standard bugle calls, all consisting of only five notes. These notes are known as the bugle scale

Product Features

  • 100% Genuine with no defects.
  • Ideal for Scout parades and even for home decor.
  • Proudly Made in India.
  • Care Instructions : Wipe the product with clean and dry cloth.
  • Note- Kindly note we sell Sai Musical brand name products and you will find our brand name embossed at the end of the product. So when you receive the product make sure to check whether the product is of Sai Musical or not.