Pyle Model : PUKT45

Traditional 4-String Soprano Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele – Traditional 4-String Ukulele


  • Traditional 4-String Ukulele
  • Mahogany Body and Neck
  • Black walnut Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Custom Carved Headstock Design
  • Quality Chrome Die-Cast Machine Head
  • Classic V-Shaped Neck and Bridge
  • Natural Satin Finish
  • Technical Specs:

  • Number of Frets: 15 Frets
  • Fret Material: Nickel
  • String Type: Aquila (gCEA)
  • Ukulele Size/Type: 21″ Soprano
  • Total Ukulele Length: 21’’ -inches
  • Neck Length: 13.7’’ -inches
  • Total Ukulele Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.0’’ x 7.0’’ x 3.0
  • All too often – beginners will do themselves a disservice by choosing a cheap instrument that is just poorly made and difficult to play.

    Pyle’s new line of solid wood ukuleles are high quality musical instruments that are built to play and built to last.

    Each instrument’s sound demonstrates the unique character of the solid wood it is constructed from. Each different wood produces excellent acoustics as the string’s vibrations resonate within the body and amplify through the sound hole.

    The instrument’s design is inspired by both a modern and traditional design reflected in the guitar style headstock and the carved sun logo and sound hole.

    Product Features

    • HIGH QUALITY SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Not a toy! This professional 21″ soprano uke is built with the highest quality woods including mahogany plywood body, 13.7″ mahogany neck, black walnut fingerboard & bridge
    • UNIVERSAL STANDARD UKULELE TUNING: Traditional gCEA tuning ensures you can reference any ukulele chord chart or song online. 4 high quality Aquilla strings are more gentle on fingers than guitar and produce a warm full tone
    • BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVED DESIGN: No cheap inauthentic stickers or printing. The sound hole is embellished with a fully engraved traditional Hawaiian style sun ring, etched and painted with craft like precision
    • DIE-CAST MACHINE HEAD TUNERS: Chrome upgraded die-cast tuning pegs are highly sensitive and use mechanical advantage to reach the precise pitch. Gears hold string tension and lock into place to prevent the high quality Aquila strings from shifting out of tune
    • BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS CHOICE: Cheap instruments are not beginner friendly. This instrument features a light action that allows you to finger the highest notes without extra effort. 15 high quality nickel frets have no sharp edges and will play with proper intonation