A reliable and versatile guitar, the PRS SE 277 is meant to crank out the heaviest, drop-tuned riffs or crystal clear, picked bass melodies. With a longer scale length than standard guitars, players who enjoy layering their guitars will definitely be satisfied with the SE 277. It has a really cool and unique voice that sits between the bass and guitar registers. The dual-humbucking pickups have a thick and lush sound that is perfect for the B-B tuning. A mahogany body with maple top upholds PRS’ classic look and feel to the guitar.Extended Scale for Bigger TonesEquipped with a 27.7 scale length, the PRS SE 277 stays in tune with ease thanks to its extended range keeping more tension on the strings. Baritones have been the bridge between guitar and bass for decades. Popular in the 1960s, surf rock heavily incorporated the twangy sounds of the baritone but in the present, they’re also used for the most aggressive and heavy riffs. The B-B tuning opens up a world of new chord voicings that have full and rich qualities to them. With a wide fat maple neck, the SE 277 feels right for a baritone guitar while the 22 frets over a rosewood fretboard makes for a comfortable playing experience. Updated PickupsThe SE 277 comes equipped with updated PRS pickups for 2018. The 85/15 S pair of humbuckers deliver exceptional tones whether you’re playing clean and intricate jazz chords or heavy chugging with a high-gain amp. These fantastic sounding pickups bear a resemblance to the tones of the U.S. made pickups found in PRS’ top of the line, Core models.Classic PRS Looks with a Modern ApproachThe fire red burst looks awesome on the beveled flame maple veneer making for a really striking guitar. The mahogany body provides plenty of balanced and warm tones while the maple top offers a good amount of high-end punch. The PRS-designed plate-style bridge offers strong tuning stability, intonation, and sustain.Features:Mahogany Body with Beveled Maple Top and Flame Mapl

Product Features

  • Mahogany Body with Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer
  • Wide Fat Maple Neck and 27.7 scale length
  • 85/15 S Pickups
  • Nickel Hardtail Bridge and Nickel Tuners
  • Gig Bag Included