Glockenspiels and xylophones are a great way to introduce rhythm and co-ordination skills to children.

Both the glockenspiel and xylophone share a piano style layout, the main difference is the type of keys. A glockenspiel has metal keys producing a higher tone and a xylophone has wooden keys. This 27 key red glockenspiel is a fully functioning instrument – perfect for a children’s gift or beginner to experts musicans!

Metals keys are attached to a plastic base, and can be removed and replaced with ease. Spare parts are included such as foam for under keys and dowels to hold keys in place. Lovely bright tone!

Product Features

  • Green 27 Key Glockenspiel with strong plastic frame, metal keys and cover
  • Notes from G up to A including all sharps and flats
  • Notes are engraved into each key, along with Do-Re-Me etc..
  • 2 Plastic Beaters included and a Deluxe black soft cover carry case
  • Length: 37cm Breath: 22cm Height: 4cm