The GuQin (Chinese 7 String Instrument), sometimes known as in the West as the ‘zithers’ or Chinese Seven String Instrument, our GuQin is brand new hand made by professional maker.This qin is made with Aged Paulownia Wood layers of traditional lacquer using deer horn powder. Each layer of lacquer is naturally air-dried. The instrument is tuned in F key pentatonic scale. Tuning in order from the 1st string to 7th string is C D F G A C D. This is a great quality instrument.For the packing that the guqin comes with a soft bag and a hard case as in the picture. Gift:one set of string,a soft bag(Two design as the picture show, randomly delivery),I will give you some English website for you to study the Guqin.

Product Features

  • Type: Fuxi,Please choose from Beijing Yunzhi Hengwei Music Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • Faceplate:Gged paulownia wood. Backplate: catalpa ovata wood. Pegs: rosewood. Emblem: mother of pearl
  • String: steel string with nylon cover
  • Artmanship: to protect the Guqin, deer horn powder is mixed with lacquer when painting.
  • Accessories:one set of strings,a soft bag(Two design as the picture show, randomly delivery),some English website and Guqin Association for you to study the Guqin.Packing: the guqin will be put into the floral guqin cloth bag firstly, finally it will be baled by a carton with tapes, and we’ll use quake-proof packing.