The MEINL Sonic Energy Steel Tongue Drum is a rich, full-sounding instrument that can be played with either hands or included rubber mallet pair. Precision crafted to deliver beautiful, expressive melodies, these drums are a fantastic piece for solo performances and are equally well-suited for ensemble use. Tuned to the key of A Minor (E4, D5, C4, A4, A3, G4, D4, C5) and available in durable Black or Vintage Brown finishes, these Sonic Energy masterpieces will inspire both inexperienced players and professionals alike. An included padded bag helps to protect the instrument in transport or when not in use.

Product Features

  • INCLUDES BAG AND MALLETS: The Meinl Sonic Energy tongue drum includes a carrying bag for protection on the go or when not in use. The rubber mallets provide a delicate attack to pull the ideal, soothing tones out of the drum with peak resonance.
  • TUNED TO A-MINOR SCALE: The A-minor scale offers a peaceful yet mysterious melodic range and will sound musical, regardless of which notes you play. Add a tranquil and expressive sound to your musical palette! (E4, D5, C4, A4, A3, G4, D4, C5)
  • EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Meinl Sonic Energy tongue drums are made from steel with precision tuning by our skilled metal workers, then powder coated black for a clean and bold finish. The careful design and build lend to an unrivaled quality in sound and visual appeal.
  • HEALING ENERGY FOR ANY OCCASION: Whether you are deep in meditation, taking yoga classes, experimenting with sonic healing, or performing with a full ensemble, The Meinl Sonic Energy tongue drum will help you get in touch with your spiritual side.
  • OFFICIAL 2-YEAR WARRANTY: All Meinl tongue drums carry a two year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.