BRAND NEW HAND MADE PROFESSIONAL HARMONIUM 7 STOPS (4 Main & 3 Drone), 3¼ OCTAVES, 39 KEYS 7 FOLD BELLOW,COUPLER FUNCTION, BASS/MALE,TUNED=A440 Hz HARMONIUM MADE IN INDIA A harmonium is also known as melodeon, read organ, pump organ, peti or baja, is a keyboard instrument that is a lot like an organ. It makes sound by bellowing air through reeds, which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. This is an important Indian musical instrument contributing a lot in Indian music and most frequently used by every music lover in India. This is one of our most popular harmonium, especially design for the Professionals ,this produce excellent sound and music it’s warm and melodious tones mix well with human voice, so this is most suitable for individual and group singing. Weight 9 Kg. to 10 Kg. approx. (As this is a handmade product, weight can fluctuate up to 1 KG. to 2 KG.) Size 23.5 Inch * 12.5 Inch * 11 Inch approx. (As this is a handmade product, size can fluctuate up to 2 to 3 Inch.) Color Teak Color (Color may be slightly different as shown in pic, because picture is clicked in light so little bit deviation could be there i.e. dark or light ) PACKAGE CONTAIN ONE HARMONIUM AS SHOWN IN PICTURE WITH BEAUTIFUL PADDED BAG.

Product Features

  • Harmonium 7 Stopper 7 Bellow Double Reeds
  • Comes with a Padded Carring Bag
  • High Quality Bass Make Reeds with Quality Sound
  • Ideal for Professional, Kirtan, Bhajan and other Proformace
  • Assurance from the maker Chopra Musicals