This is a beautifully hand-crafted Calcutta Tarafdar instrument, and comes with a custom-made padded sarod case for easy handling and extra safety. Made from seasoned teak, the sarod features a goatskin surface, a low-maintenance nickelled or plain brass tumba – or resonator, and 25 steel strings altogether that can be strummed to evoke mystical hymns and a deep post-orgasmic emotionality. Four of the strings are melody or playing strings; three are rhythm strings, and the rest are sympathetic and jawari strings. The aesthetics of this concert instrument are also very pleasing with beautiful handpainted meena crafsmanship and a machine-polished chrome-plated steel finger-board. Instead of the conventional fretboard, this metal plate helps in sliding the fingers faster and enables the musician to get a wonderfully deep gamak

Product Features

  • High grade Teak Construction
  • Coconut shell Plectrum included
  • Impeccable new condition
  • Direct from manufacturer