The Primavera 50 Double Bass Outfit is suitable
for all ages, grades & fully adjustable for Orchestral, Jazz & Slap bass.
Size: 1/8 in Gamba
(no corners) style.


The Primavera 50 bass is our Entry Level instrument. Made in highly figured maple (laminate) for the back and ribs and spruce (laminate) for the table & comes with a lightly shaded varnish.


Highly figured laminate maple and spruce table

Shaded varnish of an amber-brown colour

Ebony fingerboard with ebony top-nut

Chrome-plated Individual Machine Heads and factory strings

Metal alloy tailpiece

Fitted quality maple bridge stamped “Prima” with “Height Adjusters” to allow for different playing styles

Padded cover with carrying straps

Primavera Bow with half-mounted ebony frog

Product Features

  • Primavera Prima 50 Student Double Bass Outfit 1/8 SIZE