The #1 Drum Set for Kids. This Children’s Drum Set is one of the best selling kid’s drum set available today — an all-around amazing instrument and a great choice for any young aspiring drummer! Designed for small children, generally around the ages of 4 to 11 years old, the set is a popular choice because it clearly has a great sound, at a great price, and comes with everything your little one needs to start playing today. This really is the perfect set for any youngster to learn to play the drums, so give your little drummer boy or girl the “”gift of music”” today and make sure that their future will be enriched by their musical experience. Great sound for a great price! If your child seriously wants to learn the drums, then they deserve a serious musical instrument, not an overpriced toy. Although designed for children, make no mistake about it — this drum set is no toy! In fact, it is designed and built using real drum specifications to serve as a scaled-down version of an adult set, using materials equivalent to those used in higher-priced adult drum sets, and has many of the same features as an adult set. One of these features is that the set is fully tunable, both top and bottom heads, to ensure that you are always getting the sound you want. And best of all, it is not only priced affordably, it is actually one of the least expensive children’s drum sets around! Sturdy construction – built to last! “

Product Features

  • Includes code and instructions for two months of Free Live Lessons
  • Recommended ages approximately of 4 to 11, 3 actual drums
  • 16-inch bass drum, 10-inch snare, 10-inch tom-tom, 10-inch brass ride cymbal
  • Bass drum kick pedal, adjustable drum stool
  • Drum sticks, and tuning key.