This is an unbelievably loaded kit: Everything in this kit includes: Dunbar Full Size (long) practice chanter with threaded reed seat and a tube of “O” Gluide, Lee® Practice Chanter Reed, Embroidered TM Zippered nylon carrying case special Reed tube and the College of Piping Tutor with Cd/cdrom lessons Everything in this kit is “A” list products. Top of the line quality. EVERYTHING you need to get started on playing the bagpipes is here. The Dunbar chanter is threaded and tested. Dunbar has an “o” ring join and that can become difficult to get apart, especially when your moisture causes a suction. The specially formulated glide with allow the join to move easily.

Product Features

  • Long Dunbar Practice Chanter with “O” Glide
  • Threaded Reed Seat (huge benefit)
  • Full size Finger Spacing
  • LEE® chanter reed
  • College of Piping Book with CDRom & Trademarked embroidered zippered shoulder case