The Dan Bau is a Vietnamese stringed instrument, in the form of a monochord (one-string) zither.
Playing: The dan bau technique appears relatively simple at first glance, but actually requires a great deal of precision. The fifth finger of the musician’s right hand rests lightly on the string at one of seven commonly used nodes, while the thumb and index finger pluck the string using a long plectrum. The nodes are the notes of the first seven overtones, or flageolets, similar to guitar harmonics at the string positions above the octave (1/2), the perfect fifth (2/3), the perfect fourth (3/4), the just major third (4/5), the just minor third (5/6) and two tones not present on the Western musical scale: the septimal minor third (7/6) and the septimal whole tone (8/7). With the left hand, the player pushes the flexible rod toward the instrument with the index finger to lower the pitch of the note, or pushes it away from the instrument with the thumb to raise the pitch. This technique is used to play notes not available at a node, or to add vibrato to any note.

Product Features

  • Type: Dan Bau Monochord
  • Weight: 49 oz
  • Portable and High Quality.
  • Instrument folds in half, makes it easy to carry in the Bag/case that is included
  • Electric Power cord is not included.