Technological advances have made learning easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. But you still don’t know how to play Maroon 5’s new hit on a tiny lute.

Well now Bluetooth and LED technology can help you learn to play the charming ukulele. This island instrument connects to your smart device and walks you through every step from how to hold the instrument correctly to how to play today’s radio hits.

The LED lights in the fretboard sync with the app to show you exactly how and when to place your fingers to form the chords you’ll need to play your favorite songs. Just set your phone or tablet in front of you and begin your musical journey.

With Populele’s fun and easy help, you’ll quickly become a ukulele pro! The free app can even record your sessions so you can share them with other players around the globe.


“Like any stringed instrument, learning chords is a bit of pain. We can solve this with technology.”

– The Verge

“It connects to an app where users can get instant feedback and correct themselves.”


“The best thing about the Populele then is how easily you can get started. The games show you how to chord a few notes and then start playing simple songs while the songbook lets you follow along.”

– TechCrunch

“This is an awesome ukulele: fun, educational, and just plain cool; it’s a really good entry-level uke in its own right, it’s a lot of fun to play with the app, too.”

– The Ukulele Teacher

Product Features

  • WORLD’S FIRST SMART UKULELE. An exciting hybrid of craftsmanship, tech, and fun, Populele will change the way you learn music. The Populele’s 72-LED fretboard connects via Bluetooth with the Populele app to show you exactly how to play your favorite songs. Beginners get a quick way to start their musical journey, and experienced ukulele players can take their repertoire to the next level. This smart uke is made with premium European maple, first-class spruce, and Italian Aquila strings
  • CHORD & SONG LIBRARY. Interact with the LED keys on the fretboard to learn exactly where your fingers go. Visit our continuously updated library of popular songs. Built-in recording enables you to share your songs with friends
  • GAME MODE & IN-APP TOOLS. Designed specifically for beginners, the sound-responsive technology enables users to get real-time feedback and correction. Light up your performance! As your environment gets louder, the 72 LEDs on the Populele fretboard shine brighter. This sound-responsive light technology is sure to mesmerize your audience. In-app tools teach yourself to tune your ukulele and more with Populele’s in-app tools.
  • DAZZLE MODE & CUSTOMIZE PATTERN. Program patterns of light to shine as you play. Totally independent of chords, you can create funky patterns or even letters