Colorful egg shakers set: this egg shaker set has 6 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, pink and purple) 2 pieces each color.

Size: 2.2″L x 1.6″W. Seems like common eggs’ size, Suitable for baby’s little hand to shake.

Material: plastic shell filled with mini metal balls.

Shakers are a fun and easy way to learn about the foundations of rhythm and can be played alone or with other percussion instruments like cajons, bongos, djem.To increase the fun by having one for each hand or being able to share with a friend or family member. When shaken, the pellets on the inside shake similar to a maraca. Change its placement in the hand or vary how many fingers surround it to manipulate the sounds it produces.

Egg shaker is ideal for secondary pupils or primary pupils, toddler clubs, church groups, percussion ensembles, or even educational play; Also can be a good easter gift for kids.

Product Features

  • These egg shaker are good quality plastic made and filled with mini metal beads to make a nice shaker sound, Non-toxic tasteless, With their durable shells that are easy to handle while playing.
  • The egg shaker can be played in a number of ways. It can be shaken up and down to create a fast percussion line or from side to side creating a slightly different sound.
  • Egg Shakers for toddlers, easy instrument for Learning the foundations of rhythm, perfect for an early learning toy, toddler rhythm work, or schools classroom music.
  • Size: 2.2″L x 1.6″W. Seems like common eggs’ size, Its rounded shape is the perfect size for little hands to grasp.
  • 1 years warranty and kind reliable customer support.If you are not satisfied with our products, We offer full refund.