The Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1 Synthesizer delivers an incredibly massive sound and is packed into a compact desktop modular synthesizer. Updated for 2015 the System 10.1 offers direct access to a wide array of modern, analog monosynth sounds, and now includes the full-features MIDI 3 MIDI to CV converter module. Without a single patch cable, floor shaking bass and aggressive leads are just a few knob tweaks away. Plugging in a few patch cables opens the Pittsburgh Modular System 10.1 Synthesizer to complex experimentation by offering unlimited control over both the modulation and audio signal paths. All of the elements of a classic voltage controlled, analog modular synth are available as an open, patchable, modern synthesizer.The System 10.1 Synthesizer features a complex waveforms oscillator. Standard triangle, square, and saw waves are available alongside a sub oscillator and Pittsburgh Modular’s own blade wave. The blade wave is a rich, modulating saw that can be controlled in several unique ways.The System 10.1 Synthesizer also features the Lopass Gate. The Lopass Gate uses a highly tuned set of vactrols to produce everything from natural sounding filter sweeps and resd out piercing leads to organic percussion. The Lopass Gate has 3 modes of operation: low pass filter, VCA, and lopass gate. In lopass gate mode, the filter combines the features of both the low pass filter and VCA to produce a harmonically rich, intricate sound.The System 10 is a collection of 4 modules that will allow you to create complex analog sounds. The semi-modular nature of the System 10 allows for deep experimentation and a rich sound palate. Included Modules:Synthesizer Box Mix Mult MIDI3  Outs

Product Features

  • Full range, complex waveform oscillatorOscillator waveform mixerVoltage controlled multi-mode lowpass gateWide range low frequency oscillatorGlide control for portamento effectsADSR envelope generatorHigh-quality, linear response, voltage controlled amplifier