Performance Plus Gospel & Soul Rhythm tambourines have a clean crisp bright sound from 16 nickel plated steel jingles, comfort molded handle, for a controlled grip, sturdy but light weight for extended playing and ease of use. Constructed with an ABS plastic frame includes a double row of eight pair of jingles (16 pairs of jingles). Because of the lighter weight it’s great for younger players, or anyone who wants a clean crisp rhythm sound without the fatigue of heavier tambourines. Available in 5 colors, Black, White, Red, Blue and can’t loose me Yellow. Fun to use for keeping beat, while listening to your favorite song, or for that creating that great gospel and soul music.

Product Features

  • Half Moon Shaped Headless Tambourine-Blue
  • Double Row of 16 Pairs of Nickel Plated Steel “Bright” Sounding Jingles
  • Comfortable and Lightweight Sturdy ABS Construction
  • Contoured Comfortable Built-in Narrow Hand grip and Frame
  • Great for younger players, church functions or play at home to the beat