Performance Plus HMT1 Pro Quality Rhythm tambourine has that clean “jangle rattle” sound from 16 nickel/ silver-plated steel jingles. Molded soft handle, for a controlled grip, sturdy but comfortable for extended playing and ease of use. The black grip also isolates the tambourine body to allow better vibration without dampening the rim. Constructed with an ABS plastic frame includes a double row of eight pair of jingles (16 pairs of jingles). Because of the beefy construction it’s perfect for hard rock, gospel and pop music. Produces a rhythm sound without the fatigue of heavier tambourines, Professional quality but priced for everyone. Available in 5 colors, Black, White, Red, Blue and can’t loose me Yellow. Get some in every color for everyone to add some splash to your church choir or to dress up all members of the band. Fun to use for keeping beat, while listening to your favorite song, or for that creating that great old time gospel and soul music.

Product Features

  • Half Moon Shaped Headless Tambourine-White
  • Double Row of 8 Pairs (16 total) of Nickel Plated Steel Jingles
  • Durable and Sturdy ABS Construction for Heavy Use
  • Isolating Molded Reinforced Comfort Hand Grip to Increase Response and Resonance
  • Professional Clean Sound without ringing overtones!