This instrument is the MET06B chromatic half only. It is specifically designed to locate with the MET13B to produce and entirely chromatic instrument. The Percussion Workshop range of tuned percussion is some of our most popular and long lasting. The Bass Metallophone featured here has been produced under very precise manufacturing guidelines which gives absolute tuning accuracy as well as a very solid overall build quality which is perfect for schools. The base is constructed from solid hardwood and features an internal step design which increases the overall resonance dramatically. The note bars are made from Aluminium which create a rich and long lasting sustain right across the range. This model is the standard chromatic half. It comes complete with two beaters.

Product Features

  • 6 aluminium note bars (C#29, D#31, G#36, C#41, D#43 and G#48)
  • Designed to use with MET13B to create a fully chromatic instrument
  • Supplied without Bb and F# bars, as these are supplied with the diatonic half
  • Step ladder interior design for even resonance across the instrument
  • Long lasting metal poles and rubber support hold note bars in place