This fiberglass constructed Cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the Cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the Cajon. The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the Cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a dynamic low-end sonority. A classy black and white finish with singular pinstripe gives this Cajon a handsome facade. Act now to receive a free pair of Regal Tip brushes with the purchase of a Brush Beat Cajon. Featuring innovative playing surfaces and dependable construction, Pearl’s Brush Beat Cajon offers a new way to explore Cajon performance.

Product Features

  • Fiberglass
  • Case, PSC-1213CJ
  • Black and White Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty