Beginning with An 8mm thick tube of solid, seamless metal, each new Cast Aluminum shell is slowly milled to 5mm at both edges (forming “Reinforcement Rings” for strength and added overtone control,) and 3mm at the center for increased resonance.

Product Features

  • Fat midrange focus without sacrificing volume.
  • Pearl”s SR-1000 Glide-Lock Strainer”s locking throw-off lever and tension knob assures worry free, slip-free performance from all Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums. (US Patent #7220905, #7301087, #7365256.)
  • Cast Aluminum: 3mm w/ 2mm R-Rings
  • Features Pearl”s new Spin-Tight tension rods. This elegantly simple innovation creates a tension rod-within-a-tension rod, that allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut.