The PDP Concept Series Black Wax snares feature a matte black finish over a 10 ply maple shell. The smooth finish is a hand-applied wax-based sealer which gives this collection a deceivingly understated look. The 10 plys of maple combine with a unique 7×13 size to give this snare a higher tuning range and a cool mix of depth, body and pop. True Pitch tension rods fitted in brass inserts, DW/Remo Tuning Sequence heads, and the DW Mag drop-style throw-off make this snare a great addition for any drummer looking to add a new voice into to the kit.

Product Features

  • Concept Series 10 Ply Maple Shell
  • 7×13 (16) Split Dual-Turret Lugs
  • DW Mag Throw-Off
  • True-Pitch Tension Rods with Brass Inserts
  • DW/Remo Tuning Sequence Heads