Compact and easy to carry
For many drummers, finding time and a place to play is difficult. With this in mind, the Paxcess digital drum set has been designed to be much portable than other electronic drum pads when played, giving you the freedom to play wherever and whenever you like.

Variety of musical styles
Music of varied styles such as pop, rock and roll, Latin, and electronic can be played with the drum

Use of pedal control for pedal HI-HAT to simulate actual pedal HI-HAT effect, giving the closed HI-HAT, open HI-HAT and pedal Hi-hat sound effect

More convenient to play
Changeable positions of pedal HI-HAT and Snare Drum mutually so as to fit the performer’s hand use habit and avoid any play inconvenience caused by drum stick crossing in the same plane

Better coordination training
Use of pedal simulation for kick-drum and with combined use of hands and feet so as to offer exercise more likely with a real drum, and train for good coordination between hands and feet

Material: Non-toxic and harmless environmental protection silicone, silicone pad 100% waterproof
Power: DC 9V / 3A
Input: 5W
Output: 2W
Built-in speaker: 2*3W
Dimension: 20 x 15 x 3 in
Net Weight: 5.5 lb

Package includes
1 x Paxcess Electronic Drum
2 x Drum Sticks
1 x USB Cable
1 x AC Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL BEGINNER DRUM SET-7 pads and two drum pedals make professional variety sounds including Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, Hi-Hat. Professional 6 timbres, 6 rhythms, 5 demo inside, convenient to study
  • CERTIFICATED POWER SUPPLY-Included AC Adapter with certificate for safety use, power: DC 9V/3A; Input: 5W; Output: 2W
  • SUPER BASS SPEAKER-Built in Speaker bring super bass effect, without connecting with other device! You can also connect to your phone via the AUX cable use as a speaker to play your phone’s music and enjoy crisp and clean sound
  • RECORDING FUNDCTION-Save your drum recordings, perfect for auditioning or practice. This is a great learning mode for beginners to record it and show friends and family.
  • FEATURED INTERFACE-USB interface for power supply or connecting with computers to produce music or paly games; AUX jack for connecting with laptop, tablet PC or mobile phone to play music as the accompany for practice, Headphone jack for practicing without bothering others