Road Series cabinets feature similar flagship level specs as the Panama Tonewood Series but are specially designed to hold up to the demands of transport and gigging. Featuring the same signature two-tone tolex and all-hardwood construction, these roady-ready cabinets stand out on stage with both a remarkable look and sound. A fixed metal grill protects the tonewood baffle and boutique speaker. The Road Series is topped off with an extra-durable finish and robust hardware. A built-in attenuator lets you push the driver for maximum tone at lower output volumes.

Product Features

  • Designed and built in Panama using sustainable tonewoods and custom drivers
  • All-hardwood construction featuring 3/4″ Spanish Cedar for resonant warmth and a floating tropical tonewood baffle for superior transient response
  • Loaded with simply the best boutique “V30” style speaker in the market: warm low-end, strong vocal mid-range, and a detailed high end, with a smoother upper-mid spike than the original. 8 Ohms | 65 Watts
  • Fixed metal grill for complete protection of the tonewood baffle and boutique speaker
  • Oversized 1×12 | 8 Ohm | 65 Watt with built-in attenuator