This listing includes the Paiste Gong Mallet of your choice. These are beautifully designed mallets for Paiste gongs and they also play well with others. Paiste Gong Mallets are like the perfect partner: Soft and yielding when you need them to be, hard and honest when it is required. (Yes, it is true, we’ve had a couple of gong players ask us if we would perform at the wedding between them and their Paiste Gong Mallet!) Paiste makes these sweet mallets by having a heavy plastic piece surrounded by felt and cloth, and then surrounded by synthetic lambswool. Who loves these Paiste Gong mallets? Rhythmic Resonators with Kundalini Rising! Piquant Percussionists with Orchestral Octopi Arms! Sweet Soothing Sound Healers! Basically anyone who has a gong – be it Paiste or any other style. For those who heal with gongs: Paiste recommends certain sizes of their mallets go with certain sizes of their gongs, but they are recommended usually for percussionists playing the gong as a brief accent in a larger composition – meaning they recommend the mallet for the biggest and fastest bang. If you are the type who will be playing your Paiste gong for fifteen or thirty minutes at a time, or longer, you might want to consider a smaller mallet than the one recommended for your size gong. The sound and tone drawn from each Paiste gong is based on the size, material and weight of the mallet used. Many unique sounds can be pulled from a gong with a Paiste mallet with proper use. So many mallets! So little time! Choose the size mallet you want by clicking on the drop down menu.

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