This listing includes the Paiste Floor “C” Gong Stand size of your choice.

Please Note: We do list the larger Paiste Floor “C” Stands. They are listed seperately.

This gong stand is made from forged iron, it is nice and heavy. It ain’t no hollow steel tubing. The metal is twisted into an aesthetic design. Because it is iron, its feet can be shorter in depth while still providing the same support as the other, larger stands.

This is the gong stand preferred by Kundalini teachers! You can sit and play the gong while easing your students into meditative calm.

Stand for 20″ Gong Measurements:
Height: 26″
Width: 22″
Depth of Feet: 10″

Stand for 22″ Gong Measurements:
Height: 30″
Width: 24″
Depth of Feet: 10″

Stand for 24″ Gong Measurements:
Height: 32″
Width: 26″
Depth of Feet: 12″

Stand for 26″ Gong Measurements:
Height: 34″
Width: 28″
Depth of Feet: 12″

Stand for 28″ Gongs Measurements:
Height: 36″
Width: 30″
Depth of Feet: 12″

Stand for 30″ Gongs Measurements:
Height: 39″
Width: 32″
Depth of Feet: 12″

Stand for 32″ Gongs Measurements:
Height: 42″
Width: 34″
Depth of Feet: 12″

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