Please Note: These listings do not include a mallet.

These Paiste Accent Gongs are small and have a lively bounce . With these 7″, 10″, and 13″ Accent Gongs, a musician is able to produce a multitude of awakening sounds.

The Paiste Accent is the kind of accent you want people to say you have.

Add the accent of seven to your life with the 7″ Paiste Accent Gong.

The seeker.
The thinker.
The searcher of Truth with a capital ‘T’!

Oh seven!
My life to leaven.

The High C Gong Stand is made especially for Gongs Unlimited. It is made from a specific mold designed for us! It has feet that you screw in and they stay balanced.

This Gong Stand is super easy to assemble! No tools necessary!

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 11″
Height: 15″
Depth of Feet: 10″

Add the accent of seven to your life with the 7″ Paiste Accent Gong.

The number of the natural world.
Seven days in the week.
Seven notes on a musical scale.
Seven attributes to exist in the physical world.

Oh seven!
Links earth to heaven.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is the result of a long collaborative effort with a Chinese furniture maker. There’s nothing more chill than a diplomatic, collaborative effort around the globe to bring you a lazy day gong stand for the end to your weekend.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Length: 13″
Height: 13 ½”
Width of Base: 3 ⅛”

Ride the vibration of ten with the 10″ Paiste Accent Gong.

10 fingers and 10 toes!

10 appendages touch the earth!
Toes for wiggling and walking.
Smelling of stockings.
They balance and move.

10 fingers to reach out to touch the earth.
Tickling, picking, massaging the

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