It is mechanically manufactured in high quality and hardness resin.

Perfect for initiation.

Tuned and sanded by hand.


This feature makes the castanets lighter and gives it a more gruff and flamenco sound.

We have a wide range of materials, from grainy to Fiber the Granadillo and pressed canvas.

Are materials that have high hardness, which gives the Castanet a long life and greater resistance.

Years ago, before it spread both the world of the castanets, the material used was wood, so much like wood Granadillo Ebony, etc.

Over the years we have innovated in the materials and we could see how the wood over time lost the Sound quality is cracked and should be maintained especially after each use.

With new materials, we use currently, you can see like never lose quality castanets

sound, the level of breakage is virtually nonexistent and maintenance is based solely on rubbing with a cloth castanets cotton on the outside and inside after each use.

The most important materials are:

Pressed Fabric, Marbled fiber,Glass fiber and Granadillo Streaks.

The manufacturing process is divided into several stages:

We take the sheet of material where you are going to make the castanets and proceed to cut the giving form.

We make holes in the tabs where to be introduced cords.

Proceed to empty the soundboard.

With sandpaper of different grain going to shape up the castanets achieve a smooth surface without damage.

Refine the castanets to get the right sound.

We clean the castanets and Laced assemble.

Product Features

  • Double box
  • Black fiberglass
  • Size nº4 / PALM Measure 7cm – 9 cm See the picture
  • Includes a carrying case