PACK-A-BAND will help you:

✻ Encourage active play and screen-less family activities that promote kids talents, self-confidence and grit.
✻ Provide children a creativity-driven age-appropriate safe channel for exploration and artistic expression.
✻ Create meaningful family bonding moments and lasting positive memories.

If all of the above sounds too technical, how about this undeniable fact:
Kids absolutely love playing with PACK-A-BAND and come back to it again and again.
It is a tremendous value and not only a phenomenal buy,
but a solid investment in your children’s lives growing up.


PACK-A-BAND is shipped by Amazon and includes 10 instruments (17 pieces)

✻ 1 Tambourine with head ✻ 2 Maracas ✻ 2 Egg Shakers ✻ 1 Sleigh Bell ✻ 1 Tone Block/Guiro
✻ 2 Claves ✻ 2 Finger Cymbals ✻ 2 Velcro Wrist Bells ✻ 1 Handle Castanet ✻ 1 Triangle
✻ Storage Mini-Backpack

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PACK-A-BAND is covered by a 30-day full satisfaction manufacturer money back guarantee.
If your set arrives defective or you are not satisfied with it in any way, please let us know,
you can exchange it for a new one, or return it for a full refund.

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Product Features

  • 🥁 NOT ALL SETS ARE CREATED EQUAL; This balanced selection of toy musical instruments for kids is made with noble materials often used in professional percussion sets; they feel, look and sound real, unlike their plastic counterparts
  • 🎒SAY BYE TO CLEANUP INSANITY; Our convenient storage mini backpack helps you seamlessly transition from play to cleanup time, – One giant leap for parentkind –
  • 🎓 TIMELESS EDUCATIONAL MUSIC TOYS to introduce your toddler or preschooler to the world of music and sound whether they play at home, daycare, Sunday School or music class, you’ll help boost their creativity, focus, coordination and social skills
  • 🎁 ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA for Christmas, holidays, birthdays, baby showers and more; Children play longer individually and in group without ever getting bored
  • 🕺 FOR PARENTS PEACE OF MIND we did not include wind instruments, which are meant for individual use and become an issue when shared during play time; Instruments have no sharp edges or nails for extra safety, and fewer moving parts for extended durability; ASTM F963 and FDA compliant; BPA, Lead and Phthalate free