We back our instruments with a FULL USA-BASED WARRANTY. The Vermilion Mineral Lacquer on this Guqin allows it to breathe even more than the traditional guqin designs. The resulting tone is that of a slightly more robust, and crisp sound. What the Chinese call “CANG” 苍, may be roughly translated as “Raw” “Unadulterated” or even “Wilderness”. This is a quality sought after in the various schools of Guqin. It is a sound quality sought after by those who have a certain level of mastery in the instrument. At this price, we would say, is a huge bonus to any performer.

Product Features

  • Design: CHOICE OF ZHONGNI, FUXI and HUNDUN. Please notify of preferred design. For more information, send us a message.
  • Made of Aged Paulownia that has been air dried for nearly a decade; Red Lacquer Glaze is an ancient technique. When Vermillion minerals are mixed with ground deer antler and with lacquer, it produces a protective layer than protects the instrument and yet, is allows the body of the qin to “breathe”
  • Performers’ Choice with a Budget; Made by luthiers with decades of Qin-making experience and tested a total of 4 times and tuned before packaging to ensure quality of timbre and tone
  • Comes with Guqin Soft Case, Nylon-bound steel strings, Satin Tuning Tassel, Mother-of-pearl inlay for harmonic markerss
  • Final Picture Shown is the instrument under “normal daylight”. The pictures above is what you would expect to see of your guqin in a concert hall performance setting with lighting.