The Chinese forefather of the Shamisen, Sanxian is a well known folk instrument mostly used in operas. In recent years, contemporary composers have written a myriad of new works for the Sanxian, and are using sanxian in ensembles.

Working with composers and musicians as well as luthiers, we are using paulownia to recreate the raw, traditional sound that is suitable for its operatic roots, as well as usability in the modern ensemble. The sanxian has bright solid tones, with long reverbs and good resonance.

Comes with hard case, plectrum and OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based warranty.

Product Features

  • Made with High Grade Rosewood with Paulownia Sound Board
  • Clear, Bright tones required in modern orchestral works and traditional operatic performances
  • Comes with hardcase, plectrums and more.
  • OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based Warranty