The Liuqin is the “piccolo” of the pizzicato section of the Chinese Ensemble. Its melodies are often done in a tremolo-style, and has be heard over and above the section, or ensemble (or orchestra).

We use high grade Paulownia board for the sound board to ensure sensitivity, and dense Cambodian Scented Rosewood to increase its resonance. The result: A high performance Liuqin, capable to playing in any orchestral setting, able to penetrate through the entire orchestra with its high-pitched melodies.

As most of you can see, OrientalMusicSanctuary does NOTHING BUT CHINESE MUSIC, unlike most other sellers. We have worked with several prominent ensembles and orchestras in the western hemisphere, and we know what we need: Quality Instruments, Reasonable Prices, Responsive Service and NO Mumbo-Jumbo. Other than just telling you dimensions, materials, we want to share with you what it actually means to be playing a certain instrument. We actually use these instruments ourselves in teaching and performances. It is our wish to be of assistance to anyone who want to find out a little more about Chinese Music.

Product Features

  • Made with Top Grade Rosewood for Musicians – Crystal Clear Sounds
  • 100% BUFFED Finish – Nowhere to hide imperfections – You are getting a pipa with perfect materials
  • Very Balanced tones throughout with extreme clear highs and mids
  • Comes with all Accessories as pictured
  • OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based Warranty