Many professional musicians understand the need for a resonant and deep nanxiao, at an affordable price. Well, this is it! We are professional musicians we understand what it means to play on a sub-par instrument. Air dried and properly selected, this xiao is able to play upwards of 2 – 3 octaves with very little embouchure compensation required. We cover this with an OrientalMusicSanctuary warranty within North America.

Product Features

  • Made of a variation of the Madake Bamboo, the 金毛竹 Golden Bamboo, selected for its tonal qualities and airdried for 5 – 8 years before making
  • Root end selection ensures resonance and sensitivity, throughout the entire scale.
  • Profesionally tuned and cut, for best possible playing experience
  • Comes in keys of G and F, Default will be RIGHT HANDED – G , unless the selelr is notified within 24 hours of purchase. Available: Left Handed G/F
  • USA-Based Customer Service and Warranty by OrientalMusicSanctuary