Model 935 – Signed by Dong Xue Hua is a choice of many professional conservatory students. This is made of 5 year dried Black Bamboo which has an increased bore diameter, giving it a very much amplified bass note, while retaining the clarity of the entire bamboo xiao.

Much thought have been given to the construction of its blowing end. The notch has to be individually cut to suit the wall thickness of the bamboo, and thus the xiao is very much as responsive for the recording artiste to have the deep, solid tone that all xiao players envision having.

This Xiao, however, unless the player wants to work on his breathing techniques, would not be as easy as the 934 Model for the absolute beginner. Having a wider bore usually means increased requirements of breathe control and the tone, if not well mastered will sound weak.

The professionals and the season performers however, usually swear by this model as the xiao to play with on stage and in the recording studio.

Product Features

  • Professionally Tuned by the workshop of Dong Xue Hua – Attested by OrientalMusicSanctuary
  • Made with Purple Bamboo (Black Bamboo) that has been slowly air-dried for 5-6 years
  • Single Nickel Alloy Jointing for ease of tuning
  • Please select Right-Handed models if you are right-handed, and vice versa. Most performers begin with playing the G key xiao.
  • USA-Based Customer Service and Warranty by OrientalMusicSanctuary