Set (32 strings) / Concert Zither “Bergfee Green” Complete set incl. fretboard strings Munich Tuning Fretboard (a’ a’ d’ g c), Accompaniment (Es1 – Gis12), Bass (Es13 – Gis24), Contra (F25 – Es27) Scale length: 41,5 cm Without steel core; made on pure nylon silk Recommended specially for the purely acoustic zither playing CONCERT ZITHER Bergfee Nylon Green – These strings are manufactured for very high demands.The core made of high-quality Nylon silk with a very low elongation, and the winding made of finest silver plated wire are the preconditions for this Bergfee quality string. All strings are manufactured with a mounting ring. “Bergfee Green” deliver a powerful sound, a brilliant tone, and have a very pleasant feel when playing.