One of the best modern bass jaw harps. Heavy, stylish frame, long hard spring, loud, rich and clean sound. Extremely easy to play by newbies and virtuosos! Great tactile pleasure guaranteed too. One of the few jaw harps suitable for various stroking techniques without compromising mechanical stability or spectrum integrity. Satisfaction guaranteed! Special feature: magnetic ball can be removed from reed ring which makes a sound higher – it is 2-in-1 jew’s harp. Soft leather case with mounting for detached ball is included. This jew’s harp is top quality, perfectly adjusted musical instrument. It is not a toy like “Snoopy Jaw Harp” or stamped Austrian maultrommels.

Product Features

  • Great bass sound with wonderful physical feedback
  • Perfect reed mechanics – jaw harp suitable for any playing style
  • Unique combination of sound depth and cleanness
  • Switch between two tunings (with detacheble ball at reed tip)
  • Stainless steel and protective case for long life