“Hercules” one of the best modern serially produced bass jaw harps. Heavy, stylish frame, long hard spring, loud, rich and clean sound. Extremely easy to play by newbies and virtuosos! Great tactile pleasure guaranteed too. Phantom is one of the few jew’s harp suitable for various stroking techniques without compromising mechanical stability or spectrum integrity. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Special feature: remove magnetic ball from the reed tip to get higher tone – it is 2-in-1 jaw harp. Soft leather case with mounting for detached ball is also included.

Now in “Oberton Pro” protection case! Always with you! Check options for pocket or neck wearing!

Caution! DO NOT store “Hercules” close to other jaw harps! DO NOT put ball to other jaw harps (at least with steel frame)! Their reeds and frames become magnetic and they loose a lot of their playability!

Jaw harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world with pocket size. Its rhythmic possibilities are endless and ability to change timbre in extreme, unusual ways are spectacular. Pure melodic playing with distinct overtones is possible too. It is easy to play and does not require musical training. To produce first sound, two frame ends must be hardly pressed to upper and lower teeth – not to lips – with left hand. Right index finger will be stroke reed elbow at direction, perpendicular to frame plane, inward and outward. The frame must not be squeezed with lips, teeth and hand! Jaw harp, juice harp, mouth harp, ozark harp, trump, jew’s trump are obsolete or wrong names of the jew’s harp. This name has nothing common with the Jewish people. Other names for jew’s harp in various regions of the world are: vargan, khomus, guimbarde, maultrommel, munnharpe, kubyz, dan moi, mondharp, temir-komuz, morsing, morchang, doromb, parmupill. More than 1000 names are known.

Product Features

  • Great bass sound with wonderful physical feedback
  • Perfect reed mechanics – jaw harp suitable for any playing style
  • Unique combination of sound depth and cleanness
  • Switch between two tunings (with detacheble ball at reed tip)
  • Now in “Oberton Pro” protection case! Always with you! Check options for pocket or neck wearing!