Designed to meet the demands of studio, stage, and other challenging performance environments, the NXTa Active Viola frees the violist from the limitations of an amplified acoustic viola. Based around a comfortable 16″ viola string scale, key features of this instrument include the Polar Pickup System with the new dual mode signal output, patented precision tuning system, sleek, ergonomic design, and comparatively light weight. Available with either a flame maple Sunburst or Satin Black finish, the NXTa features a maple body, the comfortable Custom Shoulder Rest, and an adjustable-height bridge. Most important, the NXTa Viola offers artists exceptional amplified and recorded performance quality, and extraordinary freedom of expression. The Polar Pickup System is driven directly by the vibration of the strings, enabling it to produce a full spectrum of sound with power and clarity. (By contrast, an acoustic viola’s amplified performance is heavily dependent upon the resonant capabilities of the body of the instrument.) The NXTa set up with F-C-G-D, Octave, or even G-D-A-E strings, delivers the entire range with full richness of tone. A convenient switch beside the volume and tone controls allows selection between heightened Arco and Pizzicato pickup sensitivity, expanding the tonal palette even further, virtually free of wolf tones.

Product Features

  • NS Polar Pickup System provides beautifully rich and balanced tone
  • NXTa active output circuitry ensures compatibility with any amplifier or sound system with full fidelity
  • Patented tuning system provides amazingly fast and accurate tuning without fear of slippage during playing
  • Advanced ergonomic design includes Custom Shoulder Rest with padded malleable base which shapes readily to your body for a secure and comfortable support
  • Crafted to exacting standards in the Czech Republic and includes hard shell case