The NS Design WAV cello is the first ever performance quality solid-body electric cello under $1,000. Sleek, portable, playable design and reliably strong, balanced cello tone make this one of the best values on the electric cello market. The WAV cello has the same shape and exceptional ergonomic feel as the higher-end NS Design cellos made in the Czech Republic. The body carved from a single piece of maple. Strong, balanced output are provided by Ned Steinberger’s patented Polar® pickup. Included accessories: Tripod cello stand, adjustable for height (seated or standing playing position), and tilt; Vinyl gig bag with shoulder strap and pockets for bow and tripod stand

Product Features

  • 4-string
  • Passive Polar® pickup system
  • Pizz/arco switch
  • Tripod stand
  • Vinyl gig bag