Novation has done a lot for the keyboard world. Their Nova and SuperNova synths are cult classics, and the innovative Automap technology made great strides toward simplifying MIDI setups. Now you can have both the power of an analog-modeled synth and Automap in one unit, known simply as UltraNova. Boasting wavetable synthesis, 14 filter types, six envelopes, a trio of LFOs, effects, and a whole lot more, UltraNova is a very powerful sound-creation tool. Of course, with this level of power and control onboard, you need a clean and clear means of control. Novation answers with dedicated buttons for each part of the synth which are linked to eight encoders. These encoders give the UltraNova a very analog-type vibe. Any synth worth its salt is inspiring to play, and UltraNova takes it to the next level with its “Touch” performance system, which allows you to trigger envelopes, filters, LFOs, and effects by simply touching the encoders. A vocoder and included mic give you even more options. But that’s not all! UltraNova is also equipped with a 2-in/4-out USB audio interface (you can also draw bus power through the USB port!) that can stream audio to and from your computer. UltraNova comes with 300 onboard sounds that you can select by type (bass, lead, pad, etc) and musical genre (hip hop, rock, house, etc), so performers and gigging musicians can get started straight away. So if you need to find a bass sound for a hip-hop track quickly, select ‘bass’ under type, and ‘hip-hop’ under category, and you’re ready to go! If you want to tweak the patch you can quickly change the character of the sound with 8 encoders and for more detailed control use the large, smooth encoder. It also comes with a software patch librarian which allows you to search for and sort patches by type and genre. As well as the 300 sounds that come with UltraNova, there is space for another 200 of your own patches onboard the hardware.

Product Features

  • Includes: Novation UltraNova 37-Key Analog-Modeling Synthesizer
  • Double Brace Keyboard Stand
  • Attachable Microphone
  • Easy Start Guide & User Guide
  • USB Cable, 20′ Instrument Cables & Cable Ties