Including three best-selling percussion instruments from Nino Percussion, this percussion bundle includes 4-piece multi-colored egg shakers, a pair of classic rubber wood claves, and handheld sleigh bells. The egg shakers can be played individually, or as a set for fun small group collaboration. The size is perfect for children to hold comfortably, allowing them to create interesting and exciting rhythms. Claves are an essential instrument in Latin and African drumming, and the sounds they produce are clear and cutting, making them perfect for percussion ensembles or band settings. Nino claves are made from rubber wood which has outstanding acoustic properties. The NINO sleigh bells produces a true sleigh bell sound. An ergonomic grip assures easy control for kids.

Product Features

  • TOP SELLING KIDS PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS: This bundled package includes Nino Percussion’s best-selling 4-piece egg shaker set, small wood clave pair, and sleigh bells. These lightweight and durable instruments are perfect for any classroom music setting and are fun to play at home. The recommended age for all three instruments is 3 and up.
  • SMALL WOOD CLAVES, SOLD IN PAIRS: The Nino Percussion handheld wooden claves are an outstanding percussion instrument with their cutting, resonant tones and ease of use. These claves are an essential percussion instrument in any classroom band setting.
  • SET OF 4 MULTI-COLORED EGG SHAKERS: This pack of 4 easy to use egg shakers features red, blue, green and yellow colored shakers. They create crystal clear shaker sounds that may be paired with any other instrument. These egg shakers are fun to play at home and are useful in classroom music settings
  • CLASSIC SLEIGH BELL SOUNDS: The Nino handheld sleigh bells with wooden grip deliver classic, rich sleigh bell sounds in an easy to handle design. Four steel bells are mounted on a half-moon shaped flexible ABS plastic base that’s ultra-lightweight.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR WARRANTY: Nino Percussion instruments carry a two-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from authorized retailers