Claves are an essential instrument in Latin and African drumming, and the sounds they produce are clear and cutting, making them perfect for percussion ensembles or band settings. Nino Claves are made from Rubber Wood which has outstanding acoustic properties. They deliver full, rich tones that blend well with other instruments. Standard native Clave rhythms are perfect for children to learn the essentials of counting in musical phrases. They also help children understand rhythmic foundation and pattern recognition/memorization within a musical context. NINO Percussion offers an outstanding collection of instruments designed specifically for children. Whether played alone or with a group, the performance and sound quality of NINO Percussion instruments make them the ideal choice for young musicians and those who teach them. Pack of 6 clave pairs.

Product Features

  • Pack of 6 wooden clave pairs (5 pairs plus 1 bonus pair FREE)
  • The Nino Percussion handheld wooden claves are an outstanding percussion instrument with their cutting, resonant tones and ease of use
  • Great for young children interested in rhythm
  • Claves are also an essential percussion instrument in any classroom band setting
  • 5″ long and made of sustainable Rubber Wood
  • Age rating: 3+