This is an authentic pine wood flute with a clear natural finish and an intricately hand carved bear totem wind block. Made in the USA by Native American Navajo artist Jonah Thompson, this flute is perfect for beginners and also appreciated by those with experience. This Native flute measures 18″ long and is a standard 6 hole flute in the key of A minor. For those desiring to learn, this flute will provide hours of enjoyment and peaceful relaxation. The finger holes are well spaced for beginners because the separation is not far apart like on most larger flutes. This makes this a perfect choice for women, children or anyone with small hands as well. ***Included is “Touching the Wind” a biography and song book by the artist as well as a woven Native design flute bag. FAST shipping, leaves our warehouse the same or next business day with tracking information by UPS.

Product Features

  • Simple key of A minor
  • Hand Carved Bear -Natural Finish
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Genuine Wood, Leather, Turkey Feather
  • Song Book & Woven Bag Included